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Mission Statement: To help maintain good water quality in the Norwood Lake, to foster pride in Norwood properties, to enhance recreational use of the Lake, to promote social interaction within the community, and to help resolve future problems.

News and Information:  Check here regularly for any important news and updates!  Newsletters, and any Member information will be posted here on our webpage.  The information will be in .PDF format, so you can read or print it directly from this site, or download it for later reading.

June 7th, 2017 - Norwood Lake Association Meeting!
Location: Norwood Municipal Building    Time: 6:00pm

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Officers for 2016-2017

President:                    Michael McGinnis

Vice President:             Larry Averill

Co-Secretary:               Colleen Chapin

Treasurer:                    Maureen Gaffney

Advisors:                      Elaine Saarinen

                                    Terry LaFleur


Are you interested in preserving Norwood Lake?  Do you enjoy community events?  Here is a chance to do both, with a group of 140+ like-minded others that make up the Norwood Lake Association.  

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Date of Next Meeting:  June 7th, 2017




Hello Members of the Lake Association, and Residents of Norwood!  

My name is Michael McGinnis, and I will be the President of the Norwood Lake Association for the 2016-2017 term.  I am taking over from William Grant, who did a great job as acting President after the unfortunate death of Jim McFaddin.  He kept the paperwork straight, and the projects and ideas we had for protecting Norwood Lake for future generations going.  I hope to follow the guidelines that were set down by previous Presidents, and continue on the tradition.

We had our annual meeting at the American Legion Post #68 (THANK YOU to Elaine Saarinen and the girls that work there for the great setup!) recently, where elections for the year took place.  We have some new officers (including me!).  We are welcoming Larry Averill, the new Vice President,  Colleen Chapin as Secretary, Maureen Gaffney as or new Treasurer (taking over for long-time member Elaine Perry).  Elaine Saarinen and Terry LaFleur will be advisors to the group for the coming year.

We also had a presentation from Mr. Lee Harper, concerning the milfoil survey that his company conducted on Norwood Lake, and the results will be posted here in the near future.  A representitive of Brookfield Power was also on hand to let us know what was going on with the Dam and water levels.

We have a few projects coming up soon, and we will have a newsletter covering all the information about the Lake in the near future.  Make sure to check in for any updates, and as always, if you have any questions or comments, please email the Norwood Lake Association at:  norwoodlake@norwoodny.org

Thank you!!                               Michael McGinnis, President