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Village Announcements          Next Board Meeting:  09/19/17  (at 6:00pm)

Meeting Date!!

    Board Meeting Date Change - The Village Board meetings will be moving to the  3rd Tuesday of the month, starting in March of 2017.  The meetings will still be at 6:00pm.   Join us!

Norwood Recycles!
    Norwood Recycling Center - Click here to Save the Planet and win CASH at the same time!

Village Meetings

    Village Board Notes - Click here to read the Village Board meeting notes for June 2017

      Monthly Notes - Click here for information from the Mayor, Tim Levison   (August 2017)

     - Norwood Village Green Concert Series - Click here for the schedule!

A quick note from the Mayor, Tim Levison

The Village Board has decided to revive "Garage Sale Weekend" in the Village for August 19th and 20th!  Details will be furnished to local media outlets, so plan ahead! 
              Contact the Deputy Clerk at the Village Office to get your name on the Garage Sale Map!


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